A long term project that I work on as and when when the opportunity arises. Originally inspired by American photographer Bruce Barnbaum’s work that appeared in Lenswork #75 in 2008, I’ve been slowly adding to my own portfolio of images since 2009.
Goethe once described architecture as ‘frozen music’. Standing in the nave of a cathedral, with the symmetry of columns ascending into romanesque or gothic arches, and the fine tracery of stained glass windows allowing light to enter one can see how Goethe’s statement holds true.

Southwell Minster, Fujifilm X-T5 + XF10-24mmF4 R OIS at ƒ / 6.4, ¹⁄₃₀ sec, ISO 2000

Just like music, the architecture of cathedrals has the capability to invoke emotions in us. With their memorials to aristocrats, clergy, poets and even the occasional scientist cathedrals tell the history of power, conflict, frailty and ecclesiastical reformation.
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